Nikki Hunter Blowjob

Nikki oh Nikki what happened in this picture. You don’t swallow? I think a lot of your fans are disappointed. Or at least I am a little disappointed. Then I got to thinking that she is an actress and rather than swallow this big cum shot she let it drip out of her mouth all over her breasts. So Nikki you have redeemed yourself you are a naughty girl just the way we like you. Of course the choker is a nice touch it really makes us hot to see you dressed like that taking on a big cock and loving every minute of it.

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Nikki Hunter Interracial

Nikki Hunter gets a big black cock in the mofos network. You heard the saying once you go black. We will let you finish the rest because you have heard it before. But the point here is that in the porn world these guys make great porno. And the pornstars if they are not racist really enjoy it too because they know how to please their lovers. And Nikki is a girl who deserves to be pleased.

Another picture of Nikki getting it from behind by a big strong black guy. This is a great video if you want to watch the entire full length HD video go to the Mofos Network.

Nikki Hunter Biography

Nikki Hunter might not have her own website but she does have a fan club which you can write to the address is below. There is something refreshing about someone who does things the old fashioned way. Luckily there is plenty of Nikki online. She currently works for playboy ratio as co host of the radio show Night Calls. She is still currently making movies. Her home town is Lake Worth, Florida. She has her clit pierced. She won an AVN award in 2005 for Best New Starlet. Appeared in more than 200 adult films.

Fan Club:
Nikki Hunter
4804 Laurel Canyon Blvd #335
Valley Village, CA 91607

Nikki Hunter Stats:
Birthday: December 19, 1979
Height: 5′ 6
Weight: 135 lbs.
Hair Color:Auburn
Eye Color: Amber
Sizes: 34D – 29 – 37
Shoe Size: 8.5
Age: 32

Niki Hunter

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Niki are you trying to tease us or are you just messing with this guy. He is amazed by how beautiful Niki Hunter is. But so are we. The only difference is that this guy is lucky enough to be able to romp around the bed with her. He gets to explore her body. Feel the inside of her. And enjoy an hour or two of what it would be like to with her. The only question is Niki Hunter marriage material? I’m pretty sure she is. And this guy knows for sure. Lucky guy. Can someone get me a job at Penthouse. I can try out all their girls to see which one is marriage material.

Nicky Hunter

Nicky Hunter from her Penthouse spread getting a big cumshot all over her tits. Is she shocked or just very very excited about the mess.

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This Ain’t Avatar XXX

I have to start spending more time at the hustler website because they do some cool shit. Here is Nikki Hunter as one of those sexy Avatar aliens. She looks good in blue. My only question is why didn’t James Cameron have naked aliens in his film. They are sexy as hell. Who knew that blue aliens could be so sexy. They tried it in star trek in the 60’s or maybe that was green. Anyway I like blue alien girls if they are naked especially if one of those aliens is Nikki Hunter.

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Sexy Porn Star

A sexy porn star is what we have here. Half undressed at the office. Is it the lingerie that is making her so sexy or she just one hell of a sexy porn star. Obviously we can understand why she is a star. How could such a beautiful girl not be a star. The only question is where does she go from here. Can she become one of the most popular talents in adult films? We know she has talent. And if you don’t believe it then just watch some of her videos.

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Nikki Hunter Milf

I’m not sure I have seen Nikki every look better than she does in this photo. Maybe it’s the glasses or the dirty blonde hair. But she could melt. Well she is smoking hot. So what you need is another hot picture from this photo set this time lets show you one that is of her naked.

Don’t you wish you where the guy in this picture who gets the chance to suck her nipples. Who tan boobs and pink nipples are pretty close to perfect. If this guy works in the mail room packaging up orders then thats a job that we wouldn’t mind getting. Especially if he is shipping out Nikki Hunter DVD’s and if she is working as a secretary who sneaks out into the warehouse to motivate the workers when her boss is out having a three martini lunch break. We will gladly skip the lunch break even if the business is picking up the tab.

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Nikki Hunter Gets Fucked

We might not have the most complete blog for Nikki Hunter. It’s a tough job because she has done over 200 films today and not all of them allow us to post pictures. But we have the best collection of Nikki Hunter hair styles. Here she is with short hair looking like a MILF. Ironically this is not an interracial video because we picture this hair style as being the kind of a girl who likes the brothers. Because Nikki is a big star she has appeared in Hustler. Thank you Larry Flynt. The video is called Keeping It Up For The Kard-ASS-ians.

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Black On Blonde

This video Nicki Hunter Is In The Building from the website MILFS Like It Black which is part of the mofos network. I have to say Nikki looks great as a blonde which is not how we normally see her. Her breasts go great with that hair. And why not do a black on blonde porno thats some of the best kind of porn that they make. She is really sucking that cock head like a champion. She must like big strong muscular black guys because this is some of the best porn we have seen in a while.

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